Why is my facebook app not working?-facebook app not working

Why is my facebook app not workingWhy is my facebook app not working on phones, androids and computers? Facebook is a popular social media website in the world. If your facebook app not working on your operating system it is get corrupted. Check your internet connection, ram, web browser properly. If everything is working normally and problem lies only in facebook. You need to uninstall that and install a new version on your operating system. To uninstall the facebook app follow these steps for why is my facebook app not working?.

Why is my facebook app not working?

1. Go to your facebook account and click main menu tab to view the menu icons list.
2. From menu icons click on settings button.
3. Then click on applications icon.
4. Then click on manage applications option.
5. Then open all tab menu open facebook app and click on uninstall icon, that app will be uninstalled.
6. Clear cache.
7. Restart your device.
8. Open Google play store.
9. Download latest version of facebook app and install it on your operating system. It will be worked properly and your problem will be resolved. I hope it helps you. You enjoy your facebook account with your facebook friends and families.

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