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Grameenphone internet package bangladesh

Grameenphone internet package Bangladesh

Grameenphone internet package bangladeshGrameenphone internet modem is a high-speed internet connection in bd. It is reliable and fast internet service which is reach corner of the world. Grameenphone modem is easy to use and multi wireless internet enables. You can browse online, receive data, music, pictures, videos and files transfer.

Grameenphone offers various internet packages for mobile, PC and other operating system. You can like easily internet package name to your need. Grameenphone internet package Bangladesh. Grameenphone modem support windows XP/ Vista/ 7/ 8/ Mac and Linux.

Package: 1

Mini pack 1MB BDT 2.50 for 2 days, dial *500*11*1# or SMS 1MB to 500.

Package: 2

Mini pack 3MB BDT 9 for 7 days Validity dial *500*10*1# or SMS 3MB to 5000.

Package: 3

Mini pack 15MB BDT 29/15 days Validity dial *500*7*1# Or SMS 15 to 5000.

Package: 4

99 MB Mini pack P9 BDT 99/15 days Validity dial *500*9*1# Or SMS 99 to 5000.

Package: 5

1GB Package P6 BDT 300/Month dial *500*6*1# Or SMS P6 to 5000.

Package: 5

3GB Package P5 BDT 700/Month dial *500*5*1# Or SMS P5 to 5000.

Package: 6

Most Internet browsing Package P2 5GB BDT 850/Month dial *500*2*1# Or SMS P2 to 5000.

To check remaining volume, dial *500*10#

To stop auto renewal internet service dial *500*42# or send SMS Off to 5000.

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